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Between art and culture, history and popular traditions, the city of Venice recalls the Eighteenth-century ostentation, the period of the Doges and the dances of court, of the comedies of Charles Goldoni and the majestic’s pictorial views of the Canaletto.


Patrimony UNESCO from over 20 years, the city of Venice and its Lagoon, form a pearl set in a territory rich in charm which extends for kilometers and that it involves famous places of the summer tourism and watering-place, bathing like Caorle, Bibione, Eraclea Mare, Cavallino Treporti et Jesolo.


As a Center of prestigious testimonies coming from the past, the city of Venice seduce and fascinate the tourist from centuries, since illustrious writers and young artists sailed its channels and courses of water in gondola, going in the search of strong emotions to engrave in the memory of the time.


The poetic sight of the Serenissima still exciting generations of tourists who have the possibility today to choose among numerous typologies of lodgings, which vary from the classical forms of hospitality : the Hotels and the beds & breakfast, to the most alternative forms of lodging as the residences, the Agriturismos or the hostels for the young travelers.


That’s why Venice it is the appropriate city for all typologies of tourist, among them those who try to satisfy their own taste enogastronomic, through the numerous and variegated base recipes of fish cooked in the most prestigious Restaurants of the Lagoon, to those that instead have the necessity to make shopping for the calluses, with the intent to purchase some of the numerous works of craftsmanship that for a long time are produced in this territory, crib for thousand years of the Serene Republic in Venice.

"Finta" CAORLE sulle pagine di un quotidiano locale

LO SVARIONE: “finta “ CAORLE sulle pagine di un noto quotidiano locale. Un Paese indignato e falsi giornalistici a confronto.

Venezia: Esposizione internazionale felina
Venezia: Esposizione internazionale felina

Non solo maschere. Il 25 e 26 febbraio anche i gatti sfileranno a Venezia in occasione della quinta edizione dell’Esposizione internazionale felina che si svolgerà pre...

Carnevale di Venezia 2017
Carnevale di Venezia 2017

Dall’11 al 28 febbraio 2017 il divertimento a Venezia è garanzia ! Puntuale ed immancabile, prende il via a Venezia il Carnevale 2017.

Venezia: Presentazione del volume Terre senz’ombra
Venezia: Presentazione del volume Terre senz’ombra

ISTITUTO VENETO DI SCIENZE LETTERE ED ARTI Presentazione del volume Terre senz’ombra di Anna  Ottani Cavina - Venezia, mercoledì 14 dicembre Palazzo Franchetti, ore 17...


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